Grodno Aquapark  

1 day. Vyzd from Aquapark. The passage of the border. Arrival in Grodno. Beginning of the walking tour around Grodno. The sightseeing tour will tell about the greatness of the city during the times of the Knighthood of Lithuania and the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. We will walk with you through the old narrow streets. Grodno - a unique city-monument, most fully preserved the architectural heritage of the past. This is one of the oldest cities in Belarus. Its history dates back more than 800 years. For its amazing architectural appearance in the XVI century. Grodno was included in the Cologne encyclopedia of Brown as one of the "most beautiful cities in Europe".
The sightseeing tour will acquaint you with the architectural ensembles of the city - the Old Castle on a steep hill on the high bank of the Neman, the residence of King Stephen Batory, the palace of the New Castle - the former royal palace built in the XVIII century. During the reign of the King and Grand Duke of Lithuania August III, as the summer residence of Polish kings and grand princes of Lithuania, according to the project of Carl Friedrich Pöppelmann. General Seims of the Commonwealth took place here, and during the last Diet of the Commonwealth in 1793 an agreement was signed on the partition of the Commonwealth by Russia and Prussia, in 1795 the King and Grand Duke of Lithuania Stanislaw August Poniatowski signed the act of abdication. The so-called "Mute Seim"
You will see the church of Boris and Gleb (Kolozhskaya) - one of the oldest churches in Eastern Europe, a monument of the Grodno architectural school of the 12th century, the Farny Church of Francis Xavier - the cathedral of the Grodno diocese, an outstanding architectural monument of the 16th-17th centuries, in the past the richest church of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, For the Order of the JesuitsThis is in the cafe of the city. Free time. Overnight at hotel.

2 day. Breakfast. Departure for an excursion to the Agrotouristic complex "Korobchitsy". Visiting the complex, Excursion around the complex, Food in the Hatka of the Forester, riding on the diligence in the protected area of ​​the complex. Visiting the Grodno Fortress complex is a partisan camp. You have the opportunity to see part of the fortress from the time of the First World War, to get to know how the Belarusian partisans lived in the Second World War. THE WEATHER (approximate time of the transfer in the complex is up to 3 hours). WITH ADDITIONAL CHARGES ENTRY 14.5 EURO FROM THE PERSON. Return to the city. At the request of the group, organization of a festive dinner (for an additional fee). Overnight.

3 day. Breakfast. Check-out from the hotel. We go on a tour of the Augustow Canal. The focus is on the interesting history of the creation of the Augustow Canal, which is a unique hydrotechnical structure of the 19th century. The total length of the canal is more than 101 km, of which about 22 km falls on the territory of Belarus. The canal includes a number of locks and drawbridges and is located in a specially protected area of ​​UNESCO.
The August channel is closely connected with the history of the development of the entire region - the Grodno region. The small village of Svyatck is famous for its palace, similar to the French Versailles. This place is associated with the legend of a lonely ghost, who has lived in a deserted palace for many years. Sightseeing tour passes through Sopotsk - an urban village where the monumental Church of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary is located, built in 1612. The climax of the sightseeing tour comes with a visit to the sluices of the Augustow Canal in the villages of Dombrovka and Nemnovo.
The August channel was built for political and economic reasons because of Prussia's high customs duties on the transit of goods from the Russian Empire through its territory, thus blocking access to the sea for merchants. Ride on the ship with sluice. Departure to the city. Visit one of the shopping centers of the city. Departure of the group.

Included in the price

additional charges

· Travel by comfortable bus

· 2 nights in the hotel

· 2 breakfasts

· 1 lunch

· Excursion around Grodno

· Excursion to the Augustow Canal

· Boating on the ship

· Documents on visa-free entry.

· Medical insurance 3 euros

· Entrance ticket to Korobchitsy 14,5 euros (tour of the complex, stagecoach ride, excursion to Partizansky camp, refreshments in the House of the Forester, lunch)

· Traditional Belarusian dinner

· Personal expenses

Nightclub Base:

10 Euro per person

Theatrical performance in the theater:

4.5 euros per person (if these days there are performances)

Belarusian dinner with folklore program:

25 euros per person (for a group of at least 20 people)

Rest in the Belarussian village (Bath + tasting of Belarusian dishes):

20 euros (up to 6 people)

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