Souvenirs from Belarus

What to bring from Belarus? What souvenirs can be found only in "blue-eyed" and nowhere else in the world? The unique and rich hospitable country in the heart of Europe?

We offer a selection of gifts that reflect the Belarusian color.

Since ancient times, our country is famous for linens, towels, unique products made of straw, clay and wood, boots and hats made of sheepskin.

Belarus Taste - natural dairy and meat products, the extraordinary variety of dishes from potatoes, fragrant bread useful, original alcoholic drinks herbal sweetness of apples and cranberries healing!

 Flax products

Flax - a crop that is cultivated in the Belarusian lands since ancient times. Because fiber is a culture of old woven fabric and sewed clothes, as well as creating beautiful household items, were making toys for children. The seeds baked bread and cooked a delicious pudding. No wonder blue flax flowers adorn the modern coat of arms of the Republic. Flax - an amazing material: the fabric can be rough (towels) and delicate (light dresses), but it is very environmentally friendly and healthy.

Linen products you can buy in specialized stores and in shopping malls.



Straw - one of the oldest crafts. In Belarus, weaving straw engaged in a long time. Straw covered roof houses, she went to the cattle bedding, shoes and wore the man served as a bed, and in a bad year it was mixed into and bread. From it produced household utensils, hats, toys, jewelry, and ably treated it can turn into extraordinary works of art, as evidence of this - woven straw iconostasis - the king's gate, common in our country since the end of the XVIII century (admire these masterpieces are all wishers who visited the museums of the country).


In different regions of Belarus since ancient times there original pottery centers. We were masters of their tricks in the form and methods of molding products, painting and composition of the glaze. Belarusian mistress knew in ceramic ware no longer sour milk, and pots of clay are especially tasty dishes of the national cuisine. Belarusians also a master of clay musical instruments.

Recommended to buy: figurines of birds and animals (bison, beaver, stork, bird, etc.), Whistles, bells, candlesticks, plaques, pictures and magnets, ceramic tableware.



More than a hundred years ago, appeared in Belarus plants, where they began to produce products from glass and crystal. Belarusian master glassmakers famous fine artistic taste and excellent quality of their work. The most famous products of Glassworks "Neman" (Berezovka), and the Borisov Crystal Factory.



Tanning is one of the oldest crafts known since the Paleolithic times.

Leather is a material that people began to process and use one of the first. Mention of ways to process and decorate the skin can be found in ancient Russian annals. Already in the era of the Late Paleolithic, the simplest clothing from ordinary hides is replaced by sewn leather and fur garments. Then the first decorative techniques appear - embroidery (beads, etc.), coloring, applique. Different nations had many traditional ways of dressing the skin. Even the opening of weaving did not displace the skin from everyday life - belts, bags, shoes are still made of leather.



At the oldest confectionery enterprise of the country "Krasny Pishevik" has been producing tasty and useful marshmallows, pastilles, marmalade for over 100 years, in the recipes of which - only natural fruits and berries. Residents of many countries in the world appreciated the candy and chocolate of Belarusian factories "Kommunarka" and "Spartak", as well as products of the company "Ideal".


Recommended to buy: marshmallows, marmalade, candy (besides traditional recipes have exclusive gifts with the Belarusian nature - cranberry, blueberry, blackberry, rowan), syrups and jams from wild berries.



In ancient times Belarusians drank intoxicating drink honey, appeared moonshine ( "garelka") in the XIV century, and since the XV century in the Belarusian "Brovary" began to brew beer. In the nineteenth century began to open large plants, the tradition which today are developing enterprise of the alcohol industry.

The world appreciated the Belarusian vodka made according to old recipes, original liqueur with extracts of herbs and medicinal plants (grass zubrovka of Bialowieza Forest), balms with a rich composition of ingredients (herbs and buds of trees, berry fruit drinks, spices, natural honey).

We recommend to buy vodka, balms in souvenir design (bottles of glass and clay, a linen and leather bags), tinctures (to birch pupyshkah on grass "Zubrovka" with honey and pepper, cranberry, cowberry, etc..), The Belarusian beer Of course, Krambambulya and mead.



Meat products of the Belarusian production are famous for their quality and naturalness. It is unlikely that anyone will be able to resist the fragrant "fucking finger" with homemade sausage or dried "palyadwice" with spices. You can buy meat products of Belarusian origin in any store or supermarket on the territory of our country. 



Dairy products of the Belarusian production are famous for their quality and naturalness: yoghurts, various types of sour cream, milk, kefir, butter and cheeses are on the shelves of our country's grocery stores.



Created on the basis of natural ingredients, cosmetics produced in Belarus will give you unforgettable emotions and sensations when using it. The products from the Belarusian cosmetic companies Belita Vitebks, BelKosmex, Modum, Vitex, Floris and others entered the market long and hard. You can buy it in the branded shops of producers, as well as in supermarkets, and On the Internet sites of companies. Natural cosmetic.

We recommend you to buy: cosmetics of the companies "Belita Vitex", BelEosmex, Modum, Vitex, Floris, etc.



All products undergo multistage quality control. Experienced specialists of Belarusian enterprises make every effort to ensure that you have a long and happy time wearing Belarusian clothes.


We recommend you purchase: Mark Formelle cotton clothing, Milavitsa underwear and swimwear, Serge lingerie, Eliz men's shirts, Svitanak jersey, Elema coats, Pantaloons of Conte and others.


Souvenirs with national ornaments

There is no better gift to relatives and friends than real authentic souvenirs from Belarus Belarusian national ornament. You might be able to find gifts for each family member or friend: Guys - T-shirts with folk motifs and woven bracelets girls - beaded earrings and shirts embroidered. And nothing about the details of such popular as magnets, key chains and a linen bag, and say nothing - a wide range of data objects represented in almost every store republic.

We recommended to buy: dishes, canvas bags, embroidery and vyshimayki, bracelets, jewelry, etc. with a national ornament.


Cranberry in sugar

An unusual delicacy, surprising with a combination of sweetness and sourness. For sure, for many Belarusians, cranberries in sugar will be an interesting discovery, because the sour berry itself has not gained wide popularity - it is difficult to collect it, and it is expensive to buy. But this does not detract from its therapeutic properties - thanks to the content of vitamin C, it is a good natural remedy for colds.




Just because most countries do not know this drink, do not own their production technology. Of course, you are unlikely to be returned the vigorous barrel brew, which was sold on the streets full aunts aprons in the early 1990s. But the drink that is produced today in Lida, quite plausibly resembles that same taste and can easily be presented as an unusual souvenir foreigners and authentic old Belarusian drink.



A delicious and natural product produced by us for its technology. Some of the most delicious and natural chips-plates are manufactured in Marina Gorka - with different tastes, but without unnecessary unhealthy additives.


Another dairy souvenir that is worthy to be handed to a friend in another country. Although both nostalgic it can also be a pleasant and tasty gift from Belarus




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